Energy Management Systems for the “Smart”-Grid

solar_communityThe future electric power grid will be based on a robust infrastructure combining renewable energy sources and a networked and interactive energy market connecting the consumer and energy producer. The advantages of a smart-grid range from a decreased environmental impact, economic benefits, and a more robust service. One of the challenges associated with developing a smart-grid is its physical scale. Current energy needs require large-scale generation of power from centralized plants. One vision for smart-grids is to supplement this energy production with renewable sources of energy, including wind and solar power, energy storage elements, and an interactive energy market where end-users can modulate their demand according to energy prices and personal utility.

This vision ultimately describes a multi-scale model of the smart-grid. This project aims to contribute to the modeling and implementation of a multi-scale power grid focusing on the high penetration of renewable energy sources, increased use of batteries for energy storage, and intelligent energy management for a truly interactive smart-grid.